Exhaust Silencer
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GPS Exhaust Silencer comes in standard, stock silencer for general purpose application and custom models to fit most OEM engines.
These include :- Model :-
  • GPS-P - Multi-Chamber Reactive Type Attenuation 30 dB 
  • GPS-S - Straight Through Absorptive Attenuation 20 dB 
  • GPS-C - Supercritical or Combination  Attenuation 35 dB

GPS Exhaust Silencer are designed to efficiently reduce inlet and discharge noise of diesel engines, blower, vacuum pumps, compressors, and all situations requiring control of intake or outlet noisy equipment.
All silencer are constructed from heavy gauge hot rolled cold quenched sheet steel with all welded construction.
External surface are finished with high quality silicone based heat resistant aluminium paint which provides lasting protection at temperature up to 600oC.

Attenuation Performance


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