EclimoPower Rechargeable Mobile Power Pack
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EclimoPower Rechargeable Mobile Power Pack

Features :
  • Re-chargeable Lithium Ion Battery Power Pack.
  • Portable, Green and Clean Energy, Light and Easy,
  • Energy and Cost Saving, No Maintenance, No Petrol/Diesel/Oil/Gas, No
  • Pollutions. Just Plug and Play in anywhere.
  • Designed and Manufactured By Eclimo / Made In Malaysia.

Specification :
  • Battery Capacity : 400Wh.
  • Constants Output Voltage : AC 240/50Hz.
  • Constants Output Power : 120Watt. Dual
  • USB Output : 5V/1A each.
  • Rated Input Voltage : Power Adapter 19V to 22V/5A.
  • Solar Panel Input : 12V ~ 22V, 100Watt ~ 135Watt.
  • Dimension size : 375x127x130mm.
  • Weight : 7Kg

The Advantages and Energy plus Cost Saving of EclimoPower Vs Diesel / Petrol Generators :

For Diesel/Petrol Generators
1) Diesel/Petrol Generators Unit Cost at RM 1,000.00/=
2) Average Diesel/Petrol Cost per night= RM 7.00/=
3) Rm 7.00 x 365days = RM 2,555.00/=
4) 2T Oil required minimum at RM300.00/= per annum.
5) Minimum maintenance cost at RM 500.00/= per annum

Total cost for the use of Diesel/Petrol Generators =RM 3,355/= per annum.
(This is exclude unit cost of diesel/petrol generators).
Further more, Its Bulky, Dirty, Heavy. Environmental
Pollutions : Noise, Smokes and badly smells of gases.

For EclimoPower
Eclimo Power vs above items 2 to 5 = ZERO Cost, except charging with Power Adapter and based on TNB rates,
its only RM 0.18cents per full charge capacity for 400Wh. RM 0.18cents x 365 days = RM 65.70 per annum. No environmental pollutions at all.
Its total Green and Clean Lithium Battery Power Pack and the most fit and easy product to replace diesel/petrol generators at any times.

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